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An Attempt at writing a simpler charter

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An Attempt at writing a simpler charter


The charter document should be read by each and every member at registration time, for this to be realistic it needs to be as simple and short as possible.

I suggest we take out some sections of the charter and make them into separate documents.

why, first of all its easier to agree on the broad ideas behind the charter, while a debate about what kind of speech is allowed might take forever.

in case of a strong disagreement the only way out is voting but the rules of voting are stated in the charter, we need a simple charter that all agree upon in order to tackle the more complex issues.

some aspects of organizing the lug may need to change at a pace different from the charter, covering all cases in the charter will only make it more complex.

for example the proposed voting procedure while simple is vulnerable to gaming if a person starts registering new accounts to skew the vote.

One way to solve this is to change the voting procedure to be use GPG public keys signed by someone else in the LUG to sign votes (just an example folks), this is a lengthy and complex process so it really shouldn't be our default the chances of serious gaming are nil and by having such a rule you plant the seeds of mistrust. however a day may come when we need such a rule, if this happens we'll need it quick, being able to discuss voting rules and change them outside of the charter makes life much easier (note however that the charter should dictate that voting rules be democratic, it may even dictate quorum and majority rules).

another thing is the charter should be generic, it should not refer to certain features in the website that may change or not exist in the future (you don't see egypt changing its constitution after building the high dam do you?).

so any references to the forum, the blog etc should be taken out, the charter should work for eglug under all situations and forever (I realize its going to change but changes in the charter should be because members requested a change in the eglug culture and not in the website code).


what I propose is to take out Acceptable Use Policy, (maybe Voting procedure) and Member Class granting and put them in separate documents that the charter references.

I'm not sure if the percentage make up of the admins and moderators should be in the charter or out.

no need to worry about compromising the transparent and democratic nature of the lug the charter will dictate democracy and transparency and no other rules document can violate the charter.

now read AlaasDraftCharter


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Way to go Alaa, I agree stron

Way to go Alaa, I agree strongly with you.

as for the percentage of mods/admins, I think it shouldn't be in the charter. As you said the charter won't be changed alot, so it should contain the stuff that's 100% positive (like the title, free membership etc..)

IMO, the percentage of mods/admins may need to be changed, so let's keep it in an external doc.

" should work for eglug under

" should work for eglug under all situations and forever"

ya sure ur point is 100% right

nice idea and hope others will see it this way also

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