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هل نستخدم الوان مختلفة ؟

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these are not bad but a more

these are not bad but a more live theme would be better with more vivid colors

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the top links

not working here :P

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Great Work

nice work and the colors is great bas el site kolo 3awiz yatzabat shewia .. and if u want to chang the colors what about using same dgree of the top bar colors ?

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which ?

which top bar colors ?

ah, BTW, hopefully their will be other style sheets to choose from.

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pools on front page

official polls should simply be promoted to the front page by moderators/administrators

if you prefer that official pools be rendered in block, I'll try writing a module that only displayes certain polls.

and wiki formating works BTW

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ايه دة

Each time someone submits a poll the poll on the front page sinks. This is not very good IMHO

Dr. Radut | poll