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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

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Report on the training in Menya 18,19 february 2005

Eglug volunteers who participated in the event:

  1. Manal
  2. Alaa

1st day:

we took the 7:15 train from Cairo and arrived in el Menya @ 10:20. we were staying at a 3awama called Dahabeya, we went directly to it and had a lovely breakfast on the Nile.

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We have a new EGLUG Admin Team

The current team of admins got together just now to decide what to do about the election situation. We have decided the following:

  1. The next time the charter comes up for modification, we need to fix this issue (by saying that we use cron to close the election poll)
  2. There will be ONE person leaving the admin team and TWO persons joining it. I (YoussefAssad) will be leaving and both Conceptor and Ezabi will be joining it. This is effective immediately.

Sorry for the mess; we're a young community. Our charter is also young and it will learn from our mistakes. Thanks everyone for your patience, and thanks to Roberto Ramsis for the idea to make both admins.

Without further ado, our administrative team is:

  • Alaa
  • Conceptor
  • Ezabi
  • Uniball
  • whirlpool
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Final Solution to the election problem

At last YoussefAssad Got for us the solution ( i`m posting cuz he is a little busy )

first of all, we will consider that the issue is too grey to be covered either in the charter or by discussing. So, we need to do two things

  1. Make a note to amend the charter.
  2. decide who becomes admin.

about the second part As for who wins, the current admins will get together and decide. This is the only way to get over this thing. We will decide by tomorrow noon.

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End of administrators elections - نهاية انتخابات المديرين

انتهت انتخابات مديرى الموقع، فريق المديرين مكون من administrators voting period is over our administration team is

  1. MhammedSameer (Uniball)
  2. Alaa
  3. Whirlpool
  4. Ezabi
  5. Conceptor


ادلى 43 عضو و عضوة بأصواتهم، الحد الأدنى للأصوات لنجاح الانتخابات كان 17 صوت، عدد الأعضاء حوالى 537 منهم 28 أعضاء قدامى

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InstallFest Q and A

InstallFest Q and A

In order to have this event running smoothly we need as much information as we can get from the people involved and also to answer all questions that visitors my ask.

What is an Installfest?

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Report on the training in Menya 4,5 february 2005

  1. Manal
  2. Ezabi

1st day:

we took the 7:15 train from Cairo and arrived in el Menya @ 10:30 and went directly to Gam3eyet el Sa3eed hotel in Abu Qorqas.

arrived @ Salah el Din school (for boys) in Abu Qorqas @ 13:00, we then started the installation of MandrakeLinux 10.1 Eglug edition in their computer lab. the teachers started to arrive while we were installing and we decided to explain the installation process to them all.

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Admin Elections started - بدء انتخابات مديري الموقع

تذكير سريع بالقواعد:

  • الكل له الحق فى التصويت
  • عملية الصويت تتبع نظام ترتيب بدل من اعطاء صوتك لعدد محدود من المرشحين مطلوب منك ترتيبهم حسب رايك فى من الاصلح لدور مراقب
  • أفضل مرشح فى رأيك يحصل على ترتيب 1 و أخر مرشح فى ترتيب الأفضلية 6
  • يجب ترتيب كل المرشحين
  • لا يمكن اعطاء ترتيب واحد لأكثر من مرشح

الحد الأدنى من الأصوات المطلوب لنجاح الانتخابات هو 17 و تستمر فترة التصويت لمدة 10 أيام

نرجو مراجعة

review of rules

  • every member has the right to vote
  • voting uses a ranking process, instead of giving your vote to certain candidates you will rank candidates according to you opinion on how suitable they are for the role of moderator
  • the most suitable candidate gets a ranking of 1 the least suitable candidate gets a ranking of 6
  • all candidates must be ranked
  • you cannot give more than one candidate the same rank

minimum number of votes required is 17, election period will last 10 days.

EGLUG Administrators Election - انتخابات مديريى الموقى

  • Whirlpool\n* MohammedSameer\n* Alaa\n* Ezabi\n* Conceptor\n* DJ-KING\n

Start of ArabDev Menya Training

they will be training 8 school teachers from the Salah El Din (e3dadi, boys school) and Adib Wahba (e3dadi, mixed shcool).

This is more or less an initial visit, Ezabi and Manal will install GNU/Linux on schoool pcs, meet the terachers, explain what FOSS and GNU/Linux is about and asses their skills and their needs.

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نهاية الانتخابات - End Of Elections

انتهت انتخابات المراقبين، فريق مراقبى EGLUG مكون من

voting period is over, our moderation team is

  1. Manal
  2. DarknessWolf
  3. Conceptor
  4. Ezabi
  5. BooDy
  6. DJ King


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