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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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MENGOS Conference: Call for volunteers

Panels on: FOSS in development covering:

  • FOSS as a tool in development
  • challenges facing FOSS, and case studies
  • Intellectual property

2nd day: (6 p.m to 10 p.m)

technical presentation on specific FOSS technologies, solutions and opportuinites for development

  • Status of FOSS desktop and arabization
  • FOSS web publishing platform
  • FOSS and universal access

3rd day: mini FOSS expo (6 p.m to 10 p.m)

where we bring together all interested parties:

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Arabeyes attending Asia Source.

The aim of the camp is to increase the uptake of FLOSS by NGOs.

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بدء الانتخابات - Elections started

تذكير سريع بالقواعد:

  • الكل له الحق فى التصويت
  • عملية الصويت تتبع نظام ترتيب بدل من اعطاء صوتك لعدد محدود من المرشحين مطلوب منك ترتيبهم حسب رايك فى من الاصلح لدور مراقب
  • أفضل مرشح فى رأيك يحصل على ترتيب 1 و أخر مرشح فى ترتيب الأفضلية 13
  • يجب ترتيب كل المرشحين
  • لا يمكن اعطاء ترتيب واحد لأكثر من مرشح

نرجو مراجعة

review of rules

  • every member has the right to vote
  • voting uses a ranking process, instead of giving your vote to certain candidates you will rank candidates according to you opinion on how suiteable they are for the role of moderator
  • the most suitable candidate gets a ranking of 1 the least suitable candidate gets a ranking of 13
  • all candidates must be ranked
  • you cannot give more than one candidate the same rank

EGLUG Elections - انتخابات المجموعة

  • Manal\n* DarKnesS_Wolf\n* DJ KING\n* ramez.hanna\n* Pronco\n* SeeKeR\n* Conceptor\n* SoPpY_BoY\n* ShErbO\n* Ezabi\n* NewComer\n* BooDy\n* robertoramsis\n
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Who wants to be a moderator

Gathering: Meeting with Arabdev

watch here for more news.

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We will have elections soon

I know we said this before this time its for real.

elections where delayed because of me finding no time to write the ranking vote module, then they where delayed because we waited until the upgrade to drupal 4.5 was done. then it was delayed even further because we dleayed the upgrade until we moved to a new host, the move to a new host was delayed until we could find a decent host and after finding one it was delayed until we could find a functioning credit card.

Test Ranking Vote (rank your favorite italian food)

  • Pizza\n* Lasagne\n* Spaghetti\n* Cannelloni\n* I'm dork my favorite anything is Gentoo\n
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Of Mice and Men

as you all must have noticed we've been having many problems with our hosting provider, we decided to move to a new host and we've been working slowly on the migration and a upgrade to drupal 4.5

however yesterday we found strange changes to file permissions and the site theme was b0rked, we decided enough was enough and started on emergency migration. the idea was to move the hardly ever used domain to the new host and work on the migration there then change the domain, this way most users would not feel any downtime.

SSTE Conference: Unemployment and development in ICT

We have been invited by Eng/ Mohamed Abo-Koriesh to attend a conference organized by The Scientific Society of Telecom Engineers (SSTE) that will be next wednesday 22/12/2004 at 6:00 PM.

the location will be in the Journalists Syndicate (the new building which is beside the lawyers syndicate)

The confrence will be about " Unemployment and development in communication and information technology ".

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