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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

Crash Course for Menya Volunteers

sorry for being so late on announcing this.

EGLUG will be involved in yet another partnership with a community oriented non-for-profit.

New Vision, is a young NGO working in the field of community development in Al Menya, the bulk of their work is being done by volunteers and they're very interested in the positive impact of technology on local communities.

they heard about FOSS and GNU/Linux and wanted a piece of the action so we agreed to prepare a 3 day intensive course for 4 of their volunteers on GNU/Linux desktop usage and administration and of course discuss FOSS concepts.

DNS implementation using BIND

In order to make one week for network services and network related issues. There will be session for implementing DNS (Domain Name Service) under linux Using BIND v 9 .

session will be conducted by Conceptor ( Diaa Radwan).

Prerequisites: There is nothing particular, but you should at least know TCP/IP fundamentals, or attend Intro to TCP/IP Netowrking session .

Building a dynamic community website using Drupal

How to install and configure Drupal, and build an effective website.

Alaa will give this session, it starts at 5:30 p.m.

SCRIPTOMANIA - Shell Scripting show down

In this session, everyone will show their knowledge and cool tricks in BASH scripting.

Session facilitator is Conceptor (Diaa Radwan), session starts 5:30 p.m.

1st Alex users meeting

1st alex users meeting in el salam center ( the coffeshop fe el dor el ardy )

Software debugging and effective bug reporting.

Ok, Me and phaeron'll at last give the long awated session ;-)

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photos section revamp

if you have any other EGLUG photos you want to share please upload them.

cheers, Alaa

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For the next month we will organize a series of special short sessions at Al Sakia from a variety of topics covering Web Development, Programming, Networking and Advanced GNU/Linux usage.

طوال الشهر القادم سنقوم بتنظيم مجموعة من الجلسات التدريبية فى ساقية عبد المنعم الصاوى تغطى مواضيع فى تطوير صفحات الوب، البرمجة، الشبكات و الاستخدام المتقدم لنظم جنو/لينكس.

Mozilla Firefox launch...fireSpinx!

As it is celebrated all over the world, we're going to have a gathering for open source enthusiasts to celebrate the launch of Mozilla Firefox 1.0.

Following is some information about the registration.

Sign up for the party at:

On Thursday the 25th of November from 20:00 to 22:00 in the Falaki Cafe at the American University in Cairo!

IMPORTANT: If you're not a student or an Alumni of The American University in Cairo, please send your full name and ID number to [email protected] by Tuesday(23rd of November) so that we can make you a security clearance.

Post Ramadan EGLUG Gathering

After some sleep in Ramadan, let's be back again with our gatherings, get to see the old people and get to meet the new ones

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