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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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GNU/Linux installed in Mansheyet Naser

Yesterday (Thursday 11th November 2004), Manal, Alaa, Ezabi, MohammedSameer and DJ-King's laptop arrived @ Mansheyet Nasr @ 9 p.m after getting lost on the "autostraud" looking for a u-turn.

First, Ezabi and Manal were setting up the network, (Ezabi did the major part of course) while Alaa and MohammedSameer were installing GNU/Linux on one of the pcs in preparation of a network install.

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EGLUG Interview 'a la Slashdot'


We will be having an interview with Eng.Ahmed Hussien currently TE Data's R&D manager and previously Geganet's operations manager and TE Data's operations manager on his story with FOSS and its implementation in a large Egyptian ISP working on a carrier level.

Here we will be suggesting our questions and awaiting for you to submit your own question to choose among them and have an interview 'a la slashdot' style.

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ActionApps workcamp (EGLUG going to south Africa)

The WorkCamp will include training streams for people who want to implement websites using ActionApps and development streams for people interesting in hacking it.

GNU/Linux Seminar in Central El Fawala

We will introduce the FOSS technologies and talk about the GNU/Linux platform with the ppl working in central El Fawala.

We were invited by Mr. Mohammed Abou Qoreish from the Scientific Organisation of Communication Engineers.

Conceptor is the coordinator for this event, we await his plan.

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The LAST course

When we started giving GNU/Linux courses for Beginners in August we were planning to give 4 courses only, but due to the great demand we continued to give them in September and the first half of October.

Although we still have a very long waiting list for the courses, attendance has been very low in the past two courses, we are not sure if this is due to mistakes on the booking and confirmation process or a sign of change in the demand.

EGLUG announces that the courses will stop with the beginning of the month of Ramadan.

The last course will start on the 10th of October.

We hope that we gained new GNU/Linux users and new EGLUG members :-)

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0.77 final released.

okay I hope this is final.

I have tried to update the included software, and fix as many bugs as i can find.

I hope it works for you. I am too tired to talk. I will try to fix up my website at soon.


which contains : 24286fcba582db81466ffb03d69f945c phaeronix-0-77.iso

I will upload it elsewhere soon.


okay bitorrent is working now thanks to Uniball. You can find it on here:

Egyptian FOSS Conference

We Have been invited to attend a conference organized by The Scientific Society of Telecom Engineers about FOSS and developing nations.

we will give a presentation about Arabic FOSS community efforts and Arabizations.

تعلن الجمعيه العلميه لمهندسي الاتصالات عن موضوع مؤتمرها القــــــــادم حولتخدام مصادر المعرفه المفتوحه ( OPEN SOURCE ) في التنميــــــه في البلدان الناميه . . . . ويعقد المؤتمر علي مدي يومين

المصادر المفتوحه ومناهضة الاحتكار والهيمنه في صناعة الاتصالات والمعلومات

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EGLUG social gethering in Alex

last saturday while on my vacation I went with MohammedSammeer and Manal to Alex where we had a big EGLUG social gathering.

we met all of EGLUG Alex members except for OneOfOne who found out he was alergic to clean air and sunlight (the whole EGLUG alex population consists of DarknessWolf, LinuxAwy and Sherbo).

we had great fun at downtown alex which is not realy downtown alex, then at downtown alex wich is proper downtown alex, we found out alexandrian geeks don't know anything about their city and had to consult google in order to locate kadora, a net cafe, a coffee shop or even the sea (yes they did not know where the sea was).

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Activity time changes for school year

school year is starting next week, and this requires that we change the time we hold our events to avoid conflicts with school.

last saturday we agreed to hold gaherings from 3pm to 7pm, courses will continue from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

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ArabDev Initiative - Volunteers Needed!

Arabdev are organizing a series of workshops and trainings on the use of computers and the internet, with school children in the governerate of Menya (among other places).

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