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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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Interview with an Egyptian Linux Pioneer

DarKnesS_WolF, SherbO, and Linuxawy recently had the opportunity to visit Mr. Omar Bahey el Din, a pioneer in the Egyptian Linux community from Alexandria.

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May Installfest Video - فيلم مهرجان اللينكس

من يومان وجدنا عند الساقية شريط فيديو منسى مسجل يوم مهرجان اللينكس الذى . نظمناه معا مايو الماضى

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EGLUG is now listed on the GNU.ORG Website

and by that , we are now presenting the GNU/Linux Users in Egypt

we gotta keep that thing real folks ..

Long Live Richard M. Stallman ..

Amen ..

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Al-Ahram Hebdo: Le Pingouin qui défie Microsoft

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Egypt in The Linux Counter

The Linux Counter

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14th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival

My destiny had me in the right place this time. I am in abu dhabi for vacation as some of you know. There fore I will be able to attend this event. If i get the chance I will take photos and get down to the bottom of that linux titan cluster that will play chess there.

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Who wants to be a moderator?

Our charter has been ratified a long time ago, and we have had a month and a half full of various activities and we now know each other quite well.

The members classification is now properly set and we don't have any moderators but we have 23 senior users who have been very active in the past month and a half, they are:

Finalization of the Translation of Drupal

Manal and BooDy will meet at el Sakia next Tuesday, to finalize the translation of Drupal.

If anyone wants to help, plz do :)

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Arab Open University to use FOSS

The Arab Open University approves the regional utilization of the Open-Source LMS: Moodle

The Arab Open University approved the official utilization of the "open-source" learning management system, called Moodle, in all six branches throughout Arab states.

The UNESCO Cairo Office (CI) played an instrumental role in this selection and will continue its support to the AOU during the coming deployment phase.

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Historical Wiki Back online

Back in April 2004 I installed an experimental wiki for Linux Egypt, this Wiki enabled us to organize what could be the most successful install fest in history, and it was one of the first attempts to use a Wiki to organize real life events.

فى ابريل ٢٠٠٤ اعددت ويكى تجريبية للينكس مصر، مكنتنا هذه الويكى من تنظيم واحد من انجح مهرجانات اللينكس فى العالم، و على فكرة هذه و احدة من أولى المرات التى يتم فيها تجربة تنظيم احداث باستاخدام ويكى.

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