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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

Command Line Course: Session 1

1st session of the Command Line Course by Conceptor and CVirus

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GNU/Linux Networking session Today 2 Aug. 5:30pm

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Report on 4th Gathering

Evaluation of EgLUG activities in July 2004:

As you all know we are trying to be an active LUG, and trying to help the spread of FOSS and provide support for GNU/Linux users in Egypt. Thus we think that we should evaluate our activities. So we can improve ourselves.

Activities Not done:

  • 1 Firewall session (CuLug)
  • Debugging session (MohammedSameer)
  • Pharohonix session (absence)
  • Research or Die
  • Website
    • Navigation and arabization
    • Case study
    • Translating the reviews
    • Editing the translated article of the (Do or Die)
    • Drupal module for rating the members

Arabeyes party !

We've invited a number of key developers, movers and shakers in the open source Arabic arena to hear them talk (a Question and Answer session to follow).

The event will be full of stars from Mandrake, Trolltech/QT, Gnome, Wine, OpenOffice, Debian-boot and Arabeyes. And ofcourse some Arabic LUGs like Lebanon LUG and Saudi LUG.

Eglug will have a 30 minutes presentation too and Q&A space for us on 1600 -> 1630 (Cairo Time)

Here is the 'preliminary schedule' of the event:

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EGLUG courses at al sakia

We will hold 4 begginers courses in August, each course will be 3 days (sunday, tuesday, thursday), from 5:30pm-8:30pm

The courses will cover the basics of using a GNU/Linux desktop, starting from installation, here is the course description I gave khaled

  • Introduction to Free and Open Source Software
  • The GNU/Linux platform
  • Installing GNU/Linux
  • Basic Desktop usage
  • Common Applications
    • Office
    • Internet
    • Multimedia
    • Other
  • Closer view of GNU/Linux system
  • seeking help and support
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GNU/Linux courses at Al Sawi Cultural Center

Want To Learn how to use GNU/Linux

Call 7350702 and ask for EGLUG courses

Over the month of August, EGLUG will organize 4 GNU/Linux courses for begginers.

The course will last 3 days (sunday, tuesday, thursday) from 5:30pm to 8:30pm and will cover the basics of installing and using a GNU/Linux desktop system.

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phaeronix installed in SAKIA!

Now you can test the first from scratch egyptian distro brought to you by true eglug veteran phaeronix. Okay maybe not veteran. But IT IS installed there go and find it in one or two of the boot menus, boot it and try it.

Then drop me message saying if you liked it, or it was bad etc...

Remember it's still beta, and oh don't try urpmi, apt-get or any other auto stuff, cuz there just ain't any. If you know hoe to compile the source, if you don't tell me and I'll see what can I do.

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Debugging session.

Today I was forced to give the debugging session at the sakia. I had come prepared to help Mohammed Sameer in presenting the session but I was not prepared to give the whole session on my own.

I used Mohammed Sameer's openbox patch to demonstrate a bug and it's story from reporting to fixing, and fixing of the fix ( my modification of the patch )

I hoped that someone good in using gdb or strace would show up, but it didn't happen so I postponed it to the next session.

I hope the people who attended were at least partially satisfied with what they heard ( and maybe learnt ).

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And the first GNU/Linux advertisement hits EGLUG! - اول دعاية عربية عن جنو لينوكس

اول اعلان عربى مصور عن اللينوكس

بفكر و ايد عربية

نعم و يعكس حالة الشباب العربى و تطلعاته و اماله و الظروف المحيطة به

The 1st Arabic advertisment for GNU/Linux

Don't miss this

FOSS Session in MENGOS 2nd workshop

سيقوم علاء و رامز حنا و دج كينج بالقاء جلسة عن البرمجيات الحرة فى الورشة الثانية لشبكة MENGOS. ستقام ورشة العمل من 19 إلى 21 يوليو و ستبدأ جلسة البرمجيات الحرة الساعة الواحدة و النصف ظهرا يوم 20.

Alaa, Ramez.hanna and DJ King will again give a session on FOSS in MENGOS 2nd workshop. The workshop is from 19th till 21st of July, and the FOSS session will be held on the 20th at 1:30 p.m.

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