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EGLUG exists to serve the Egyptian Free/Open Source Community

you can also join us on IRC #[email protected]

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GUC InstallFest | مهرجان تثبيت جنو لينوكس بالجامعة الالمانية

EGLUG members working on GUC installfest please check the preparation wiki page if your are interested in helping out and for more information.

اعضاء مجموعة مستخدمى جنو لينوكس مصر يقومون بالتحضير لمهرجان تثبيت جنو لينوكس الخاص بالجامعة الالمانية

اجتماع أعضاء المجموعة اليوم

يجتمع اليوم 18 يوليو أعضاء مجموعة مستخدمي جنو/لينكس مصر في مطعم روستري بالزمالك بالقاهرة في الساعه السادسه مساءا اللقاء مفتوح للجميع. للتعرف على اعضاء المجموعة انضم إلينا في تمام السادسة اليوم :) Roastry, Zamalek

Open Source Software for Creative Practice

Participants will learn how open source software can support their creative practice. Examples include graphics programs such as Processing, PD, and Inkscape. Studio Emad Eddin, 18 Emad Eddin St. Downtown Cairo

North African Wireless Workshop

The Association for Progressive Communications is coordinating an initiative, supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Open Society Institute (OSI), to build capacity to implement wireless technologies for community networking in Africa. This workshop is one of a series taking place in Africa during 2005/2006, and the first in Arabic.

If you…...

  • Are based in a community organization/NGO or work closely with community-focussed projects using networked technologies

One Laptop Per Child - repost

I wanted to thank everyone who made it (and who tried but couldn't make it) to the small gathering we had next to Saqyet El-Saw (ساقية الصاوي).

I was delighted to see the enthusiasm and interest in this initiative. I feel much more confident now about the the support that this initiative will get from the open source community in Egypt.

I wanted to provide you with some resources that you can use to know more about the project and start getting involved:

لقاء مع خالد حسونه

يوم الأربعاء القادم الموافق ١٩/٤/٢٠٠٦ الساعه السابعة مساءا ساقية عبد المنعم الصاوى بالزمالك

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انتهاء فترة اختيار عضو جديد لفريق المديرين

انتهت بالأمس الفتره المقترحه لكي يتم ترشيح أعضاء لشغل المنصب الشاغر لمدير من مديري الموقع و بوجود مرشح واحد فقط و هو alienbrain و انقضاء الفتره المقترحه فسيتم ترقية العضو alienbrain لينضم لفريق مديري الموقع بعد موافقة الأعضاء الحاليين لفريق المديرين و هم

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Eglug unoccupied Administrator position

we need to have one administrator on administrators team after MohamedSameer stepping back form administrators team.

Any senior member can nominate for this position .

the candidate should do :

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فريق المراقبين الجديد | The New Moderators Team

and the new EGLUG moderators team are "Alphabetic sort":

  1. BooDy
  2. DJ KING
  3. manal
  4. Marwa Youssef
  5. YoussefAssad

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OpenOffice/aspell dictionary available now.

The release 20060329 of the OpenOffice and aspell Arabic dictionaries aka "Happy birthday sweet pie!".

The dictionary contains about 71000 words.

Installation instructions:

aspell: ./configure && make && make install

OpenOffice: You can install it from within openoffice itself however, I wasn't able to find out how.

Debian packages soon!

الاصدار 20060329 من القاموس العربى ل aspell و openoffice و يحتوى على حوالى 71000 كلمه

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