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Congratulations ubuntu-eg

We want to congratulate our friends on ubuntu-eg for thier first event which we announced before on EGLUG, guys keep it up.

Open Source: Computing for the masses

Open Source: Computing for the masses
By: Mohamed ElGohary

At the El Sawy Culture Wheel in Zamalek, Al-Masry Al-Youm sponsored the "Free Open Source" festival on Saturday, also known as "Install Fest" or "GNU Linux" day. Volunteers held sessions on a range of topics, with a focus on the Open Source concept, explaining how even common applications could enhance user security.

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Arab Techies Code Sprint Releases

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Free and Open Source Software in Sudan: Freedom of Change and Strategic Vision

About the event

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EGLUG going to Sudan

EGLUG was invited to be a speaker a seminar in Khartoum, Sudan titled: Free and Open Source Software in Sudan: Freedom of Change and Strategic Vision

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Freedom of Creation Workshop - Artisits interested to work with GNU/Linux multimedia tools

I got this in my email, and wanted to share it with you. I think someone from EGLUG should participate in that workshop and let's know how it went, and let the organizers and participants know of our existence.


A workshop on GNU/Linux free software and video-making
3-6 April 2008

In the world of artistic creation, free software means tools that are accessible to everyone, for the freedom of expression. This workshop will focus on GNU/Linux applications available for recording, editing and publishing of audio/video materials. Participants will be introduced to the vast choice of possibilities free and open source software can offer. As the workshop progresses, each participant will be encouraged to use and adapt applications that best suits his or her own ideas and needs. This workshop, makes use of a beginner's approach to the topic at hand, explains various techniques of multimedia production using only free and open source software

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مسابقة البرامج العربية مفتوحة المصدر

مسابقة الشيخ على الجابر العلى الصباح العربية للبرامج مفتوحة المصدر

المسابقه تنقسم الى قسم للمطورين و قسم للمستخدمين

مدة المسابقه من 15-1-2007 الى 15-5-2007

وادى عنوان الموقع بتاع المسابقه:

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Request for Proposal for the Customization of CiviCRM - Kabissa - Space for Change in Africa

Kabissa, a nonprofit working to make technology a force for change in Africa, is seeking experienced African programmers to assist in a new project to customize the open source Constituent Relationship Management system, CiviCRM.

Over the past six years, Kabissa has worked with hundreds of African

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OpenOffice/aspell dictionary available now.

The release 20060329 of the OpenOffice and aspell Arabic dictionaries aka "Happy birthday sweet pie!".

The dictionary contains about 71000 words.

Installation instructions:

aspell: ./configure && make && make install

OpenOffice: You can install it from within openoffice itself however, I wasn't able to find out how.

Debian packages soon!

الاصدار 20060329 من القاموس العربى ل aspell و openoffice و يحتوى على حوالى 71000 كلمه

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مشروع بغداد لانشاء مدقق املائى عربى حر

يهدف مشروع بغداد الى انشاء مدقق املائى عربى حر و مفتوح المصدر

ال CVS الان يحتوى على كود بدائى للتصحيح و ان كان يحتاج الكثير من الجهد

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