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Upgrading to Drupal 4.7

We don't usually upgrade immediatly with a new release, it's always better to give it some time, if the release proves to be sound and safe, we upgrade. But until we decide to upgrade, let's make sure we will be ready for the upgrade when we want to.

What we should do now is to make sure that we have versions ready for Drupal 4.7 of the following components:

  • The modules we use.
  • Our php code snippets (which can be found in some nodes and blocks).
  • Our theme(s).

Let's see what are we missing to achieve the goal above.

Modules (0 modules need to be resolved)

This is a list of all contrib modules:

PHP Snippets




We have only one theme

This upgrading procedure is one of the administrators team tasks. But of course everyone is more than welcome to volunteer in many ways, like porting remaining modules, correcting/updating this page (as for example, some of modules above my be updated later with a 4.7 port by Drupal community).

The PHP Snippets may not need any effort at all, the above list is actually the result of a search in the database for all nodes with inline PHP code. Also, not everyone may be able to edit these nodes, but let's keep it here for now to make this document a complete list.


If you would volunteer in porting any code, it's recommended that you update this page to indicate this. That is to avoid having multiple volunteers working on the same thing without coordinating with each other.


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No access to edit.

Nodes: 843, 1016, 1758, 1892 => Access Denied.

No idea how one can help.

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you can't use cck yet

you can't use cck yet unless you are ready to commit yourself to loads of work, cck lacks nice widgets and image support.

I'll try to spare sometime for thinking of 4.7 oppertunities that we could use, however proper unicode support on mysql 4.1 alone is enough to justify the upgrade. but this means we need a host with mysql 4.1


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

we are on mysql 5

our current host is using mysql 5

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Should we consider moving to CCK ? If so, We need to know which content types are flexinode and how many nodes per each dowe have. I guess we also need to work on a migration path.

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interesting, alot has

interesting, alot has changed since we wrote this.

CCK is usable now yes, we probably have three flexinode types, the review type, the icon bar type and the event type.

no strong reasons to replace flexinode now though, I don't think it's affecting our performance or anything.

and it doesn't seem like using CCK will help ignite the community into action.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

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Interesting, I didn't see

Interesting, I didn't see that page before but after migrating my site to drupal 4.7, I may add my little opinion here.

diff module need some work, wiki is sucks, u should consider alternatives like liquid, mail stopped at 4.6 and no plans to be upgraded

I don't know if 4.7 is better, actually I don't feel any difference except few not essential things.

For volunteering, I'm willing to contribute if you still need that...

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the one major advantage

the one major advantage for eglug is the proper unicode support in 4.7 which let's us benefit from proper unicode support in mysql 4.1 and above.

also stuff like views module can provide smallish imrpovements.

wiki and liquid are two different things, they can actually work together, wiki just provides a wiki markup filter, liquid is an engine, it comes with some markup filters but last time I checked they sucked, for best results use wiki with liquid (requires a tiny little patch).

mail was not such a great module to begin with, it didn't have cron support and it used to timeout without sending all emails, we need a better alternative.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master


I've always wondered, isn't wiki simply:

page + privilege to read/write for everyone + any good way to write (e.g. wiki syntax, textile, smartypants, wysiwyg).

Why we need a liquid wiki or whatever other modules than we already have?

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liquid wiki handles on the

liquid wiki handles on the fly creation of pages and wiki links, adds an extra way to manage wiki pages.

but it is not strictly required, our current wiki doesn't use it.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

All issues solved

All pending issues solved, tonight I will update the source to 4.7.6 which was released yesterday and will update afterwards, I will need to bring down for about 45 minutes while making the upgrade, that will be around 7 P.M today.

Upgraded to 4.7 is now running 4.7.6.

I'd like to thank MSameer and Alaa for helping in various ways with the upgrade.

please add a comment here in case you found any issue in the website.

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Well done. I guess I

Well done.

I guess I have 2 things:

  1. The new comments used to have a new border instead of the normal black one. This might not be an issue for normal people but it's important for people with low vision like me. I'll try to fix it but I'd appreciate some help.
  2. The central table in the recent posts page seems to be a bit narrow than the old one. I'm not a real CSS guy so I doubt I can fix that!

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mabrouk, I suggest going

mabrouk, I suggest going through configs and settings for all modules (specially access control), some new options been introduced, others where never properly set.

I also suggest updating translation to latest stable release.

that is unless you already did these things.


husband of the Grand Waragi Master

The new comments used to

The new comments used to have a new border instead of the normal black one.

Confirmed, I just fixed that.

The central table in the recent posts page seems to be a bit narrow than the old one.

Going through access control was of course the first thing I did, but I didn't check any thing else options-wise. Will do.

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